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Absence calculation for part-time employees

The basis of absence calculation is the work schedule. Each work schedule must always be created on the basis of the standard work week for full-time employees. The work schedule is the basis for the absence systems. Read more about creating a work schedule here. You can have 2 different systems for representing absences.

System 1 "Hour based"

The basis for calculating the entitlement is the workload of the work schedule. The quota of vacation days is reduced to the percentage of employment. Thus, an employee with a workload of 50% also has half of the vacation available. Half days of vacation must be taken for half days of absence.

System 3 "Day based"

In this system, only the number of working days is relevant. The entitlement of part-time employees is reduced to the number of working days according to the work schedule. For one working day, regardless of the number of hours according to the standard work schedule, 1 vacation day must be taken.