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Does the transition to Futura affect costs?
No, the transition to Futura does not affect costs.

Will the "Tasks" function in Jacando Admin remain?
The Tasks function in Jacando Admin is called "To-Dos" in Futura (located on the left side of the navigation bar) and will remain intact.

Can all application documents be downloaded at once with the new interface?
We are aware of this issue or requirement. However, there is currently no timeline for the development of this functionality.

Are there materials/guidance available for internal communication?
Our Help Center serves as the basis for this. We have a "Futura Infohub" that is constantly being expanded and represents the most up-to-date source for Futura. In addition, separate webinars for each module serve as guidance. You are welcome to invite your colleagues to these webinars as well.

Will there be system downtime during the transition to Futura?

Will it be possible to customize the structure of exports to Excel?
No, that will not be possible for the time being.

How does email correspondence with an applicant work when it is conducted via Jacando? What email address will the candidate see or respond to?
It is a "Noreply" email address. The candidate has a direct link in the email to access their applicant profile. From there, the candidate can respond to the recruiting team via Messenger.

Will the Jacando calendar synchronize with Google Calendar and iCal?
Currently, you can already export/import the Jacando calendar feed into your own calendar (Google, Outlook, etc.). What will be new is that you will be able to import the Google (Outlook, iCalendar, etc.) calendar feed into Jacando.

How does Futura handle it if an employee has objected to displaying their date of birth for privacy reasons? Or does an employee not have to actively consent to the display?
The date of birth is only visible to users with admin/HR roles.

Can absences be directly entered in the calendar now?
Currently not, but the new shortcut using the "A" key on the keyboard is recommended here.

In the future, will it only be visible to HR if an applicant has applied multiple times?
The settings remain unchanged from the old interface.

Does the supervisor automatically see the calendar of their employees in an overall calendar view?
Yes, absences of their own team are displayed in the calendar - however, you also have the option to turn this off using a filter.

Can I still evaluate by project and activity?
Yes, that will still be possible.

What is the background of the transition from jacando to Futura? Are there any costs associated with it?
Our vision at jacando is to make everyday life easier for all users. Therefore, the transition to Futura is a significant milestone towards this goal. The costs or usage fees remain unaffected.

Will there be a short PowerPoint or similar presentation that can be used to briefly present the new interface to employees before everything is transitioned - preferably also in English?
Each customer is responsible for internal communication. However, we are happy to provide advice and support.

In the old jacando, absence requests could be opened from the calendar, approved, or declined directly from there. Will this functionality be retained?
Yes, this will still be possible for you.

Will the data currently in jacando be transferred to the new system?
Yes, all data, workflows, etc., will be transferred.

In the future, will applicants be able to be easily moved between different jobs, including notes and tags?
Applicants can be moved between jobs, but notes and feedback will not be transferred as they are job-specific.

Will all the existing functions of jacando-Admin also be implemented in Futura?
Yes, these will be implemented, some of them in a new presentation style and reachable for you with fewer clicks.

Can I, as a supervisor with multiple teams under me, filter the calendar/workflow specifically by team?
The filtering options in the calendar (in list view) will soon be expanded to include department, location, and client.

Will I find workflows in the new inbox that I only receive for information purposes (i.e., I don't have to actively do anything)?
No, currently all workflows, checklists, feedback requests, etc., that require a response (active tasks) come here. Notifications appear under the bell icon.

Can a salary history now be displayed?
A salary adjustment will be displayed and carried out exactly as in the old frontend. A salary history can be maintained, but technically still depends on a change in employment status.

Can employees be filtered by department in the overview?
There is currently no column planned for "department" in the employee list and employment list.

I didn't see the "Notes" tab in the personnel file quickly. Is it still there?
The "Notes" section still exists. One reason why it may not be visible is the app settings under the Personal File Restrictions section.

Will the "Active/Archived" filter in the employee list also be available for supervisors?
No. As it currently would not provide any added value. A supervisor does not have access to former employees according to the role concept.

Do all employees see the "Company" section, or is it only visible to me as an admin or HR?
Access to the "Company" section is restricted to the user role. However, certain areas may be accessible.

Ms. Anklam mentioned that later the "Absences" overview will be set up so that I can see absences not only on a monthly basis but also for the entire year. Will the overview function for the entire year until the end of the year?
To check for outstanding absence approvals in the future, you should use the "custom list reporting." Here you will be able to set the period variable. Absence, as well as status, will also be available. The filter in the attendance overview (Organization) will not be adjusted for now.

In Futura, is the employee number still editable (by the employee)?

Does the responsible person see all birthdays of their department in the calendar?

Will it be possible to set rules for vacation entitlement? Keyword: increasing entitlement based on length of service
Currently not planned.

Is it possible to select/filter a list of employees including salaries?
This is not possible via the employee list and/or employment list but should be possible through reporting.

As a checklist trigger, can I now send a reminder from the ongoing checklist?
No, reminders are based on the deadlines set for each step. The reminder is always sent to the target person.

Is there a way to view notifications in a list rather than just through the bell icon?
Currently, a list view for notifications is not planned. With the new inbox, tasks should be more prominent than in the previous action area (usually accessed through notifications).

Can I set a date in the checklist for when the checklist step should be sent to the person concerned?
This is currently not possible.

If there's a new inbox, why do I need notifications at all?
The inbox is similar to the former "Action Area." This is where all actions requiring your response will be. Notifications provide even more information.

As a department head in Futura, will I receive an email to my inbox if an employee has a birthday?

The start-stop function is missing on the first page (Quick Access) for employee users.
The idea has already been discussed in product management and found to be good. Now it needs to be examined how and with what effort this can be implemented.

Will the link to access Futura change? (permanently - not just for the testing phase)
The link will remain the same even when the tool is finally transitioned.