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jacando gets a new look

We proudly present "Futura", the redesigned interface of jacando.

Futura will be new, but not completely different! We are all about giving you the tools to make your HR processes more efficient. That's why we've improved the overall structure with the new interface, while keeping the features you already know and love.

In summary: jacando becomes more intuitive, easier, clearer and modern.

New search and quick actions

In Futura there will be a global search. With this search function you can search for employees, jobs, applicants or all other categories.

We have also added several quick actions in the form of a button. These can be selected from the search bar regardless of where the user is in the tool. Additionally, the quick actions (Absence / Employee / Document / Task / Add Employment) can also be accessed via a keyboard shortcut.

A new home

Your home page serves as a starting point for important daily information. Here you will find an overview of current and upcoming absences. For HR and line managers, there is an overview of birthdays.

You can quickly and easily record your working hours and absences and adjust your personal data via your home screen.

The new inbox

What was "Your Actions" in the past, we have now combined centrally for you in the Inbox area. The items that were previously divided into tabs still exist. You can now display or hide them using the filter function. With this structure, we have achieved a better overview for you. Thus, you can quickly see at a glance and with just a few clicks which actions you need to take.


The calendar is positioned in the left sidebar in Futura. You can choose between several filter options such as ,,Holidays" and ,,Appointments", which accordingly show only the selected events in the calendar.

Furthermore, you can get an overview of the month, week and today. Other functions such as sharing and subscribing to a calendar, adding events, etc. are also still available.

Time profile changes

Time incidents are already displayed in Futura in the time profile and not only when the time profiles are submitted by the employees. This enables staff to immediately identify and correct any errors or discrepancies. This improves the accuracy and reliability of time recording.

Kanban view in applicant management

We have improved the clarity of all applications for individual positions for you. With Futura, the applicants are listed in a Kanban board instead of from top to bottom as before. Of course, you can still display the applicants in a list view. In the Kanban Board the applications can be moved to the individual columns by drag & drop. With a click on the applicant name all important information like the master data, e-mail history, feedback and notes, dates etc. are shown to you as before.


With Futura, we have added new standard reports. We also allow users to create their own customised reports through customised lists by selecting and filtering specific data fields. These lists can then be saved and retrieved as needed.

Cross-object reports allow users to combine data from different objects into a single report. This is particularly useful when information from different areas is needed to provide a comprehensive overview.

Mobile ready

jacando is now becoming mobile responsive. This means that the content and navigation elements as well as the structural design of jacando will adapt to the screen resolution of the mobile device.

App settings

In Futura, we have merged the personal and system settings. These are no longer located on the left side of the menu bar as before, but can now be found on the top right under your name. Here, a dropdown menu will open. In this menu, you will find not only the settings but also the activation of the absence mode, the help center, and the option to log out.

How much work should you plan on your side for the move?

Good news! There is no additional effort required for the transition to Futura.

We aim to address each customer individually and accompany your smooth transition to Futura.

Feel free to use the following content to prepare yourself and your team well for the switch to Futura.